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Aboutknow little more about me.


Hi, I am Purvi.

Although, grown surrounded by formulas, resistors, capacitors, circuits, balancesheets, profit and loss statements, I have always been in love with the colors.

“   Things should be functional- looks don’t matter.
- that was in the air while growing up.
But, functional doesn’t have to be boring, hideous and ugly, it can be pleasing and beautiful.
- and thats what, i have always felt.

So, that pretty much sums up my work philosophy.

If talking about education, I have had my share of the pie. And each piece had its own unique flavor imprints. Every bit of it nourished me in some or other way. Wether it was my Engineering & Business administration days in India or Advertising art & Web design in US. Although later fields seems relevant to my work and it has provided me with the skills and knowledge for what i do, Former education has built a strong foundation towards my approach and application.

Variety is the spice of life- indeed! I can say same thing about my work. Over the years I have got the opportunity to work with different stratas of market in US and India. Ranging from Movies, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Accounting, Medical, IT, Mobile Accessories, Jewelery, Handicrafts, Artists, Nurseries, Food, Educational Institues and more... And that has enriched my experience and style.

I love to travel, explore new places, new cultures. Nature facinates me. Reading is a habit and writing sets the mood. Humor, in any form cherishes me. Capturing mundane in clicks makes me happy. And I keep my craft tools handy.

Well, i hope now u know me in 3D.
And if you are still looking for the 4th dimension you can drop your eye or two on my blog.